The Presidio Trust: Developing a National Park While Attaining Self-Sufficiency

January 2004 - An Academy Panel examined the Presidio Trust Corporation’s partnership with the National Park Service, reviewed the Trust’s financial plans and budget projections, reviewed the capital and operating spending trade-offs between revenue producing and other environmental and cultural preservation and enhancement activities, and assessed the effectiveness of the Trust's organizational structure.

Containing Wildland Fire Costs: Enhancing Hazard Mitigation Capacity

January 2004 - From 2000 to 2004, the Academy published a series of reports on how U.S. wildfire prevention and response could be improved. As part of this series, in 2002, the Academy conducted a study on how to reduce the cost of wildfire suppression, which found that the best way to prevent wildfire damage was to reduce wildfire hazards before fires ignited.

National Science Foundation: Governance and Management for the Future

April 2007 - Interested in preparing the National Science Foundation (NSF) for a multi-year build-up of its grant programs, in 2002, Congress asked the Academy to conduct an independent study of NSF to address four organizational and management issues related to its projected growth:

Recommending Performance-Based Federal Pay. A Report by The Human Resources Management Panel

May 2004 - The Academy's Human Resources Management Panel (HRM Panel) released a series of reports from 2003 to 2004 on the adoption and implementation of broadband pay systems in the public and private sectors. The first two reports in the series examined the use of broadband pay systems by private corporations and government agencies. In this third report the HRM Panel built on the findings of the first two reports.

The U.S. Park Police: Aligning Mission, Priorities, and Resources

August 2004 - The U.S. Park Police (USPP) have protected federal land in the District of Columbia since 1791 and National Park Service properties in the New York and San Francisco areas since the mid-1970s. In 2000, Congress asked the Academy to review and evaluate USPP’s mission, its priority-setting process for law enforcement functions, and the adequacy of its systems for developing and controlling its budget and other resources.