The Federal System

Panel Co-Chairs: Mark Pisano & Marilyn Rubin

The Standing Panel on the Federal System considers challenges and issues related to the U.S. federal system and intergovernmental relations.

Specific interests include the dynamics of:

  • National-state, national-local, interstate, state-local, and inter-local relations in the United States;
  • Central-local relations in other countries;
  • Relationships between the governmental and nongovernmental/independent sectors in the United States;
  • Relationships betweencitizens and their government; and
  • Federal/intergovernmental systems and global developments.

Recent work (last two years) from this Standing Panel includes:

  • In December 2008 the National Academy’s Standing Panel on the Federal System  developed a transition paper on intergovernmental management in concert with state and local group leaders. The statement was delivered to President-elect Obama’s Assistant for Intergovernmental Relations, Valerie Jarrett. To read a copy of the transition statement click here.

From time to time, the Panel members invite non-Fellows to join as associate members. These individuals are invited to provide specific expertise to the Panel. If you feel that your background allows you to make a unique and significant contribution to this Panel's work contact Lisa Trahan, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (202) 204-3648.

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