The Collaborative Forum

Web 2.0 in Government

The National Academy is a leader in connecting people with their government, facilitating discourse, and building communities through its Collaborative Forum.

The Collaborative Forum is a community of federal, state, local, and non-government stakeholders who work together to improve federally-funded, state-administered programs.

Memos to National Leaders

Sustaining the Nation's Future

Raising awareness and taking on our nation's biggest problems through the National Academy's Memos to National Leaders project. 

This initiative is a joint-effort with the American Society of Public Administration and outlines the toughest management challenges facing our government today.

Political Appointee Project

Toughest Jobs in Washington

This program is a resource for candidates seeking Presidentially-appointed positions who want to know more about the process. The Political Appointee Project gives access to a database of job information offering realistic job previews, lessons-learned, and tips for candidates seeking appointments.


The Academy is engaged in a number of ongoing programs. These programs transcend any single study, but encompass a variety of efforts designed to share information, stimulate thought and discussion, raise awareness and build communities around current issues in public administration.

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