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Grand Challenges: The Election 2020 Project

Jun 23, 2020

Protect Electoral Integrity and Enhance Voter Participation

About the Election 2020 Project

The Academy formed a series of Working Groups of its Fellows to address Grand Challenges in Public Administration. These Groups were charged with producing one or more papers to advise the Administration in 2021 (whether reelected or newly elected) on the key near-time actions that should be taken to begin addressing Grand Challenges. A new action plan will be released every Wednesday morning throughout the 2020 summer.

*NEW CONTENT* Build Resilient Communities

The threats to our nation are multiple – climate change and its resulting impacts in serious weather-related natural disasters, our reliance on telecommunications and the Internet that is threatened by cyber criminals and state actors, and the continued threats in future or continued pandemics. The time is now to identify the paths to resilience, which will allow us to withstand these threats.

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Develop New Approaches to Public Governance and Engagement

In addition to the long-term trend of declining trust in government, the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted near-term weaknesses in our governance structure to work collaboratively across agencies, levels of government, and sectors of society. The literature shows that collaboration is founded, in part, on trust. The pandemic’s exposure of this weakness gives us further reason to try to reimagine the way the federal government and its partners can jointly address large-scale challenges.

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Ensure Data Security and Privacy Rights of Individuals

In the digital age, the American people knowingly and unknowingly produce huge amounts of data on a daily basis, and governments at all levels increasingly rely on digital systems to manage their internal operations and deliver public services. Americans need assurance that all sectors will keep their personal data private and safeguarded from abuse, but our data security infrastructure in both the public and the private sectors is vulnerable to exploitations, hacks, and breaches.

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Foster Social Equity

Over the past 60 years, significant progress has been made toward promoting social equity in both the public and the private sectors in the United States. But continued progress remains uneven and, in some cases, has regressed. Social equity can be advanced by building a strong federal platform that would include increased awareness, rigorous measurement, formal evaluation and consistent application.

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Protect Electoral Integrity and Enhance Voter Participation

Immediate Actions Must Be Taken to Ensure an Accessible, Fair, and Safe Election. In this critical time when threatened by COVID-19, we urge federal, state and local governments to take immediate action to adjust our electoral processes in ways that will allow every eligible citizen to participate in the 2020 elections while ensuring the integrity of the election process and the health of citizens and election workers. 

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More Articles Coming Soon

Election 2020 action plans will focus on each of the 12 Grand Challenges in Public Administration. Check back every Wednesday morning for a new action plan.

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