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The Section 809 Panel was created in the FY2016 NDAA and charged with analyzing the acquisition regulations and statutes applicable to DoD and making recommendations to streamline and improve the defense acquisition process. Although the panel’s mission was DoD-centric, many of its recommendations are applicable governmentwide. The panel published four reports that contain a total of 98 recommendations to put the defense acquisition system on a war footing. These concepts include both evolutionary and revolutionary recommendations to better leverage innovation in the dynamic marketplace and get capabilities to warfighters faster.

809 Panel Chair David Drabkin and Commissioners Elliott Branch, Al Burman, and Joe Dyer provided an overview of the 809 Panel and its recommendations, followed by a panel discussion of what DoD can do now (evolutionary recommendations), how these recommendations might be adopted by other agencies, and how the Congress can be engaged and motivated to adopt the more sweeping, revolutionary recommendations.

More information can be found on the panel's website here Roadmap.

Roundtable on Civil Service Reform

NAPA recently hosted a roundtable discussion on Civil Service Reform with Rebecca Hunter, the former Tennessee State Commissioner of HR.

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Artificial Intelligence and its Impact on Public Administration

NAPA recently hosted a forum on Artificial Intelligence and its Impact on Public Administration to mark the release of our new book on AI in Public Administration.

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The President's Management Agenda Turns One

NAPA recently hosted an event on the first anniversary of the President’s Management Agenda with senior administration officials to discuss the PMA and the Academy's new book on the PMA.

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Sirius XM's Tim Farley interviews Terry Gerton on the President's Management Agenda

It's the one year anniversary of the President's Management Agenda

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Solving government’s management challenges: a conversation with Terry Gerton

How does National Academy for Public Administration (NAPA) fulfill its mission solving governments’ most critical management challenges?

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Video Recordings from The Changing Role of States

1. Welcome and Opening Remarks

2. The Changing Role of States in Environmental Policy

3. The Changing Role of States in Health Policy

4. Keynote: William Pound

5. Keynote: Robert Hertzberg

6. The Changing Relationship Between States and Local Governments