Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board Organizational Assessment

Mar 30, 2018

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The Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board (DNFSB) was established in 1988 to provide independent analysis, advice, and recommendations to the Secretary of Energy, in their role as operator and regulator of Department of Energy defense nuclear facilities, on adequate protection of public health and safety at defense nuclear facilities.

Project Description

The DNFSB has contracted with the National Academy of Public Administration (the Academy) to assess the current state of the DNFSB with the goal of developing findings and recommendations that the Board can use to improve organizational efficiency and effectiveness. The outcome of this project will be a resource the Board can use to prioritize actions to improve mission performance in the 2018- 2022 time period. The Academy will provide expert advice and recommendations to the DNFSB on:

  • a) Stakeholder engagement;
  • b) Mission performance;
  • c) Operational execution/ procedures and policies;
  • d) Staff/ operations and management; and
  • e) Accountability.

The Academy has formed a five-member Panel of Fellows to oversee the work of the study team, provide guidance on project approach, and issue recommendations for the DNFSB to consider to improve mission performance.

Federal Advisory Committee Act

Pursuant to the Federal Advisory Committee Act, Title 5, Appendix 2, § 15, the Academy is required to provide public notice of the names and brief biographies of appointed study panel members, and provide a reasonable opportunity for the public to comment on such appointments.

View the language of the Act (page 10-11).