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Increasing the Agility of the Federal Government

Jul 08, 2020

Project Overview

Project Description

The Samuel Freeman Charitable Trust and the Project Management Institute are cosponsoring an Academy white paper that will further explore the issues associated with agile government and recommend ways that the federal government can become more agile.  The study will consider such issues as:

  • How agile differs from current management practices;
  • When agile approaches are appropriate and when they are not;
  • How agile should be promoted by central management entities; and
  • What implementation actions should be undertaken by federal departments and agencies.  

This is a six-month project. The Academy has formed a three-member Expert Advisory Group to provide guidance to the professional study team.


As part of the Grand Challenges in Public Administration, the Academy recently established the Agile Government Center in partnership with the IBM Center for the Business of Government.  The Agile Government Center serve as the hub of a network for governments, nonprofits, foundations, academic institutions, and private sector partners to come together to develop and disseminate  agile government principles and case studies of agile policies and programs. 

Agile is a new way of doing the government’s business.  Among other things,  agile organizations are led by individuals whose primary role is to eliminate roadblocks, aggregate and assume risk, and empower teams to make decisions.  In addition, these organizations:

  • Have clear missions and metrics for success;
  • Ensure that the needs of their customers/end-users drive systems and processes and have opportunities to provide continuous feedback;
  • Use empowered, highly-skilled, cross-functional teams that work in short sprints; and
  • Incorporate innovative approaches, practices, and ideas.


If you have any questions or comments regarding the study, please contact, Joe Mitchell, Director of Strategic Initiatives & International Programs, at jmitchell@napawash.org.