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Montgomery County Council: Legislative Branch Operations Assessment

Aug 15, 2019

Project Overview


The Montgomery County Council (the Council) is the legislative branch of the Montgomery County (Maryland) government. The Council is made up of nine Councilmembers, all of whom are elected at the same time by voters, and serve four-year terms. Councilmembers are supported by a staff that includes a Central Staff supporting Councilmembers, the Office of Legislative Oversight, and the Office of Zoning & Administrative Hearings. The Council’s responsibilities are outlined in the Charter of Montgomery County and Maryland law. It is responsible for approving the annual spending of Montgomery County each year. The Council is also responsible for:

  • approving all land use plans,
  • zoning changes,
  • exercising oversight of County Programs,
  • approving the County 10-year Solid Waste and Water Supply and Sewerage System Plan,
  • serving as the Board of Health for the County,
  • enacting County laws and amendments to the County Code,
  • confirming major appointments made by the County Executive, 
  • acting on reorganization plans for County government departments, and
  • directing and reviewing the annual independent audit of County government operations.   

Project Descripition

At the request of the Council, the Academy is conducting a three-month organizational assessment of the Legislative Branch of the County Government with the goal of ensuring effectiveness and efficiency in the County’s operations. The Academy’s work will be based on documentary research and interviews with Councilmembers and Legislative Branch officials and staff. The Academy team will review foundational documents and administrative guidance; budgetary and strategic planning documents; and past internal and external assessments of relevant Legislative Branch offices’ operations and performance.

The organizational assessment is directed by a three-member Expert Advisory Group (EAG) of Academy Fellows and conducted by an expert professional staff. The EAG and staff will provide Councilmembers with actionable recommendations that support state-of-the-art organizational efficiency.