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NASA: Balancing a Multisector Workforce to Achieve a Healthy Organization

Feb 01, 2007

Project Description

NASA is undergoing a fundamental mission shift that will require the agency to adopt a knowledge-based, data-driven strategy to better align its workforce, according to an Academy Panel report released today.

Key Findings

The report includes practical tools to help NASA ensure a flexible, optimally sized, and appropriately skilled workforce. This data-driven workforce management is needed to ensure NASA’s institutional health.


The Panel urges NASA to use a comprehensive framework to assess its field centers annually, integrate acquisition and workforce planning at the highest levels of the agency, formalize processes and metrics for workforce decisions, maximize existing human capital flexibilities and seek new ones as needed. The Panel believes that NASA’s reliance on a multisector workforce of civil servants and contractors gives it the opportunity to demonstrate the public sector’s agility to adapt quickly to changing mission requirements.