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World Intellectual Property Organization: An Employer of Choice

Dec 01, 2002

Project Description

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) has enhanced the worldwide importance of intellectual property, while the rapid growth of activities in this field has heightened WIPO’s prominence. At the same time, this trend has triggered a major challenge for the organization: the need to build and maintain a high quality workforce capable of meeting and leading the global expansion.

Key Findings

To address this challenge, at the direction of its Coordination Committee in September 2000, the Director General of WIPO asked the National Academy of Public Administration (the Academy) to study the needs and problems that WIPO’s International Bureau faces in attracting, recruiting, and retaining staff at the highest level with competence, efficiency, and integrity.


  1. The emergence of the "knowledge economy" has increased the market’s demand for people with specialized knowledge.
  2. Most developed countries’ economies have prospered for much of the past decade, increasing the demand for knowledge workers at all levels.
  3. Global competition has motivated organizations to perform at the highest possible level, using a high performing workforce—a valued asset in short supply.