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Strategic Planning

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What We Do

Working with the sponsor, the Academy develops a scope of work and draws from its pool of distinguished Fellows to form a Panel or Advisory Group with experience relevant to the sponsors needs.  Typically, a Panel of Fellows guides the project, providing the high-level expertise and broad experience that leaders seek, and oversees the work of the staff and consultants comprising the Academy study teams.  The Academy forms a study team of professional staff with the necessary research and analysis capabilities and subject matter expertise. Academy studies generally culminate in a written report or, in some cases, an oral briefing of the findings and recommendations submitted by the Panel.

How It's Different

The Academy has a unique status as a Congressionally-chartered institution that is largely exempt from the Federal Advisory Committee Act (FACA). According to FACA, any committee that is created by the National Academy of Public Administration is not considered an advisory committee.  This, in turn, allows the Academy to act as a truly safe place, where leaders in government looking to address management challenges can consult a broad array of stakeholders.

What we’ve done