Trademarks of the Academy


The Academy holds three separate trademark registrations. Each is described briefly, below. Further description of each trademark can be found in the following sections of this document.

  1. The phrase “National Academy of Public Administration”, without the 3/4 diamond shaped logo;
  2. the logo of the Academy (a diamond-shaped logo missing the upper right quadrant of the diamond shape, either in red or if not in color, in black); and
  3. the phrase in combination with the logo are all three trademarks of the National Academy of Public Administration, registered in the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

These three trademarks cannot be used by other organizations or individuals without permission of the Academy. The Academy considers that use of its trademarks by Academy Fellows is a “fair use” that does not require permission, so long as the Academy is not misrepresented by the use. The Academy takes care to preserve its trademarks and reserves all rights of ownership in its trademarks.

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