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Advice to Appointees: Resolving the Operating/Investment Dilemma
Author: Mr. Robert F. Hale
Posted On: Mar 08, 2018

Introduction During my 12 years of service as a Senate-confirmed political appointee in the Department of Defense (DoD), I regularly dealt with what I called my “operating/investment dilemma.”  How well you deal with your version of this dilemma may well determine the improvements in government that you will leave behind after your service. Day-to-day Operating Issues Once in office, you will regularly be confronted with day-to-day operating issues.  For me, during...

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Advice for New Political Executives: Three Questions to Ask your Chief Information Security Officer
Author: ajackson@napawash.org
Posted On: Jan 10, 2016

Background If you have previously served in government, most of the job titles you encounter will be somewhat familiar. There will be one exception. In recent years, another position has been added to the government C-Suite -- the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). The responsibilities of the CISO include: monitoring the security of your organization’s data and infrastructure, mitigating and remediating vulnerabilities, and collaborating with others across government to deal with risks that...

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An Introduction to Shared Services
Author: ajackson@napawash.org
Posted On: Jan 08, 2016

Background In preparing to govern and lead their agencies, new political appointees will be exposed to the term Shared Service Provider (SSP). They will hear about the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) push toward an increased used SSPs.  Regarding SSPs, new appointees will need to make decisions that will have a lasting impact on their agency, their employees and their business functions. In this commentary, we provide an overview of shared services in...

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Advice to Appointees: Three Conversations to Have Right Away
Author: Elijah Evans
Posted On: Jan 06, 2016

Introduction The list of people seeking an audience with newly appointed heads of federal agencies fills up quickly from the moment of confirmation. Included in this list are internal stakeholders within the agency who have executed this drill previously and are prepared with briefing materials. Congress, the media and other government-focused groups are also anxious to engage. While it’s gratifying to realize so many are following you and your organization’s...

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Advice to New Appointees: How to Influence the Policy Agenda
Author: ajackson@napawash.org
Posted On: Jan 05, 2016

Introduction A strong motivation for political appointees in coming to Washington is the opportunity to positively influence policy – to make a difference.  Senior level appointees may bring the expectation of setting a portion of the administration’s agenda related to their agency’s mission. This is particularly likely for a first time appointee who hasn’t experienced or operated within the government complex previously. In fact, the very characteristics that...

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Appointments, Vacancies and Government IT: Reforming Personnel Data Systems
Author: ajackson@napawash.org
Posted On: Jun 08, 2014


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America’s Invisible Governmental Crisis: Intergovernmental Relations in a Time of Transition and Uncertainty
Author: Dr. Allan Rosenbaum
Posted On: Jul 11, 2012

Memo Overview The American intergovernmental system was one of the great institutional inventions of the Country’s founding fathers. It serves many purposes ranging from facilitating our democracy through the dispersal of political power, to enabling individuals in local communities to more carefully and strategically address the many problems that exist in a complex society.  That this system has played a major role in facilitating the building and development of the American nation...

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