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How can the federal government improve agency and unit level organizational health and performance? Can new strategies deliver better results by riding the rising flood of administrative data and advanced analytics?

A good statutory framework has evolved over the past two decades to improve government performance and results, but it is still too top-down and does not meaningfully engage front line units – which is where direct contact with government’s customers and partners occurs. Too often, these units have not been a focus of attention.

Our Theory

Our theory of change for this initiative is to expand the existing federal performance management framework by creating a new bottom-up demand for improving organizational health and performance, a demand tailored to the needs of different missions and units. Creating this bottom-up demand has three strategic components:

  • Strengthen unit-level health and performance.
  • Create a learning-based approach to improving results.
  • Employ the power of data analytics to manage.

We envision that over time this new management improvement approach will transform the federal government into an organization that learns from experience, constructively engages employees at all levels in this shared enterprise, and continually strives toward higher standards of excellence in achieving its many missions and policy objectives.


The Report

Strengthening Organizational Health and Performance in Government

For the first time, government’s top officials can simultaneously see the same data that managers at the unit level are seeing.

Read the report


Accompanying Working Papers

We provide additional background, resources and case studies in a set of accompanying working papers.

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