Technology Leadership

Technology unto itself is but a set of tools that requires a high level of understanding and leadership that can no longer be delegated to a single person, support agency or department. Every day public administrators struggle to navigate the ever-changing landscape, trying to keep current with the latest trends and best practices.

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Tackling AI and Robotics at NAPA
Author: Mr. Alan R. Shark
Posted On: Mar 15, 2018

By Dr. Alan R. Shark, Chair, NAPA Standing Panel on Technology Leadership There can be no doubt Artificial Intelligence (AI) is here and that its many applications and intelligence are growing. They are growing because they are learning! Who would have thought we would be talking to our mobile devices and standalone devices like Siri, Alexa, Google, and Cortana? Cable TV companies now offer remotes that provide the ability to choose channels, programs and genres...

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Technology Forecast 2018 by NASCIO, PTI, and NAPA
Author: eevans
Posted On: Feb 06, 2018

Special Webinar: Technology Forecast 2018: What State and Local Government Technology Officials Can Expect Watch the Recording Here:  This is popular annual event, NASCIO and PTI come together to provide a picture of what the technology priorities, issues and trends will be for state and local governments in 2018. This year we were pleased to add the National Academy for Public Administration (NAPA) Standing Panel on Technology Leadership as...

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Registration for AI and Robotics Working Group
Author: eevans
Posted On: Feb 05, 2018


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