• Joel D. Aberbach  

    (2005) - Distinguished Professor of Political Science and Public Policy, Center for American Politics and Public Policy, University of California, Los Angeles. Read More
  • Stephen E. Condrey

    (2012) - President, Condrey and Associates, Inc. Read More
  • James P. Pfiffner

    (1996) - Professor of Government and Politics, School of Public Policy, George Mason University. Read More
  • Mark A. Pisano

    (1997) - Distinguished Fellow, Bedrosian Center on Governance and the Keston Institute on Infrastructure and Public Finance, University of Southern California and Co-Director, America 2050. Read More
  • Elizabeth A. McGrath

    (2012) - Advisor, Deloitte Consulting LLP. Read More
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The Fellows of the Academy possess an unmatched wealth of expertise and serve as the cornerstone of the organization. They contribute valuable insight and experience to the oversight of Academy projects and provide general guidance of the organization. Fellows are also the Academy's primary resource for addressing emerging issues and contributing to the intellectual and popular discourse on government through our Standing Panels.

Most studies are carried out under the direction of Project Panels, which consist primarily of elected Academy Fellows. A team of Academy staff support the Project Panels, providing the resources and skill to execute each study. New Fellows are elected by the entire membership after a rigorous nomination process that takes place each spring. They are inducted as Fellows at the Academy’s Fall Meeting held each November.

Prospective Study Panels

Pursuant to the Federal Advisory Committee Act, Title 5, Appendix 2, § 15, NAPA is required to provide public notice of the names and brief biographies of appointed study panel members, and provide a reasonable opportunity for the public to comment on such appointments.

View the language of the Act (page 10-11).